Object and Objectives of the Project

In recent years traceability has been a critical part of the agri-food industry. The purpose of traceability of agricultural foodstuffs is to enable a full traceability of a product to be tracked in the history of a commodity from the point of cultivation or fishing to the consumer, that is, from field to shelf traceability. Therefore, it is a preventive instrument of product quality and consumer safety management. In addition, quality control is a key issue for the consumer giving good value to agricultural products.
As part of this project, an integrated system of complete and documented traceability for processed fruits, fruits and fish with a consumer focus will be designed and developed. The proposed traceability system will be a unique marketing tool for the diversification and promotion of Greek processed agricultural products with a focus on local varieties, fruit origin, cultivation processes, catching, processing, preservation and transport processes and their nutrient profile. which is inextricably linked to the foregoing.
A key innovative feature of the integrated system will be the integrated process of certifying a series of critical characteristics of fruits, nuts and fishes in terms of their geographical origin (avoidance of fraud) and the cultivation process (residue measurement). In addition, for each different variety, species and geographical origin will be created the special nutritional profile that will accompany the processed product.


An essential component to enable the effective implementation of the proposed traceability system is the interoperability provided by the global GS1 standards, which include recognition standards, data collection standards, and electronic communications interface standards, which allow seamless product information flow of the supply chain. Also, as a marketing tool to the end consumer will be implemented as part of the project the adaptation of information shapes to the needs of targeted consumer information and the development of a specialized app that will highlight this information.

The final stage of the integrated traceability system is consumer feedback itself with the aim of continually improving products and designing new ones based on different consumer profiles in specific markets. To this end, a Decision Support System (DSS) will be developed which will implement a multi-criteria methodology for designing new agricultural products. The databases of the system will be derived from the results of consumer feedbacks through the app for the agricultural products they buy, historical sales data, and business cost data.


The system model base will consist of forecasting models, data analysis models, consumer behavior models, consumer choice models and market segmentation models. These models make it possible to evaluate and select market segments based on the results of the criteria analysis (criterion significance).

The GDS will accept input as input and perform analysis of product selection criteria and consumer behavior, market segmentation and implementation of various new agricultural product design and development scenarios.

The products that will be the pilot of the integrated process and the platform are “Kalamos” olives, the Corinthian Raisin “VOSTITSA PDO”. and Mesolongi’s roe (PDO).

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