American Farm School

The American Agricultural School (ACA) is distinguished by its long history (since 1904) of its dual character as a productive and educational organization. Today the range of its commercial products mainly comprises three high value added products available in strictly limited quantities. 

Pasteurized milk, premium category “Eggs O-3” and turkey (sold fresh seasonally), with SMP having one of the few specialized slaughterhouses in Greece, but also available in sausage (fillet) in collaboration with Nikas ABEE.

These three basic products are evidence of the timeless innovative concept of SMA, which created the first pasteurization plant in Greece in 1935, introduced systematic turkey farming in the late 1960s, and released the first O3 eggs in the Greek market in 1997 in collaboration with AUTH. Following the consistent niche strategy of diversifying through premium products in limited quantities, in 2013 SMP introduced traditional cow yogurt into the market, and recently entered semi-hard cheese products. This successful strategy rests on three pillars: the vertical SMP farm (including the purebred Holstein cattle herd) that guarantees the quality of its products, the high level of scientific and technical human resources and long-term cooperation and long-term cooperation both in research and development and as a student intern. Also, all products have full traceability at all stages of production and are certified quality management systems (ISO 9001: 2008), food safety management (ISO 22000: 2005) and environmental management (ISO 14001: 2004).

At a systemic level, its dual nature requires the SMP to act as an ‘innovation mediator’ between research organizations and the agri-food sector. It plays this role on the one hand through institutional partnerships, such as with the Alexandria Innovation Zone, participation in the Central Macedonian Regional Innovation Pole, and participation in the Central Macedonia Agri-Food Partnership and on the other hand offering services producers and companies. These services are offered nationwide in collaboration with businesses, agri-food entrepreneurship centers and Greek and international universities. The action of the SMP in the role of innovation intermediary guarantees that product, process and business model innovations that it implements are made available to the agri-food industry, thus gaining a strong multiplier dimension.

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