Green Projects

Green Project S.A.

Green Projects S.A. is active in the field of new technologies and business intelligence, developing innovative products, systems and integrated software solutions aimed at the Greek and international market.

After years of continuous operation and development of multifaceted activities, Green Projects S.A. has been established offering high value-added services, products and technological solutions in the areas of Rural Technology, Renewable Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and the wider Public Sector. at the same time they are characterized by speed, reliability and efficiency. The company’s concern is the creation of user-friendly and easy-to-use systems even for people with no particular computer skills, with the ability of a multilingual interface to meet the needs of each user (web, mobile, tablet).


Areas of expertise

  • Supply chain management platforms (and in particular agro-logistics)
  • Trading platforms
  • Telemetry systems
  • ICT applications in agriculture – Special focus on telemetry systems
  • Decision Support Systems – Design and Implementation
  • Workflow systems – Process Mining
  • Evaluation – Customer satisfaction analysis

Research & Development Department

  • Wireless sensors and telemetry
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data analysis and data visualization
  • Process Mining
  • FIWARE and utilizing the FIspace platform

In addition, the company has also developed the KalaTHos platform. KalaTHos is an innovative and innovative marketing and traceability tool for fresh fruits and vegetables. Leveraging the new technology, KalaTHos supports the process of marketing between buyers and sellers, while also enabling full tracking of products from “field to shelf”.

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