Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises ​

The Business Administration Department of Agricultural Products and Food (D.E.A.P.T.) of the University of Patras (based in Agrinio) developed through a continuous search and renewal process, a modern curriculum (PS) in which provides an important background in Business Organization and Management with a focus on the units that produce, process and market agri-food products.

For this purpose the PD Department of Economics combines parallel courses in economics, agriculture and technology. In the Department of DEAPT has a postgraduate program of study. The Department of DEAPT has entered into bilateral agreements under the LLP / ERASMUS program with European Universities, including: University of Basillicata, Italy, University of Lisbon, University of Craiova (Romania), Cyprus University of Technology Europeenne, and Izmir Institute of Technology – IZTECH.

The ultimate goal is for the Department to respond with claims to the important role it can play in the map of university education and in the country’s financial performance, given that it is the only Department with that knowledge.

The proposed project will involve members of three laboratories of the Department, namely:

a) Crop Production

b) Food Technology

c) Rural Economy and Agricultural Policy.


In the field of research the activities of the Plant Production Laboratory include:

  • identification of the geographical origin of agricultural products and foodstuffs,
  • the study of ecophysiological-biochemical mechanisms of plant adaptation under abiotic stress conditions and in precision agriculture

Food Technology Laboratory:

  • the development and application of techniques for determining the geographical origin of agricultural products.
  • developing innovative nanocomposite biodegradable polymers for use as novel food packaging materials and reinforcing plastics, using nanotechnology, for agricultural applications

Laboratory of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Policy:

  • conducting financial studies (Business Plan, feasibility studies and feasibility studies)
  • the development and implementation of quality systems (ISO, PDO / PGI products etc.) in food businesses

The above laboratories have a complete EA-GC-IRMS Unit of the Elementar company equipped with a VARIO Cube Elementar Analyzer analyzer, AGILENT gas chromatograph and ISOPRIME 100 MS mass spectrometer, which is used to determine the isotopic ratio of stable isotopes proposed project.

In addition to the modern equipment of the Laboratories include the following instruments and apparatus:

  • Double Mass Liquid Chromatography System (UPLC-MS-MS).
  • Liquid & gaseous chromatography systems with MS, DAD, UV-Vis, ECD probes.
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer, lamp.
  • Solid Phase Extraction and Concentration Systems.
  • Laboratory Polymer or Composite Melt Extruder Nucleus, X-ray Dosimeter (XRD),
  • X-ray diffractometer (XRD),
  • Mechanical properties control system,
  • Oxygen permeability control system for packaging materials,
    as well as sample treatment and preparation systems (eg scales, pH meters, Soxhlet extraction, centrifuges, etc.).
  • Systems for the treatment and preparation of samples of water, soil, plant samples and foods for analysis (eg lyophilization, homogenizers, Soxhlet extraction, centrifuges, etc.)
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