Amalthia S.A.

The main activity of the company is the processing, packaging and standardization of all types of Greek table olives, as well as extra virgin olive oil. The supply of the raw material is from all olive oil producing areas of the country with priority being the Aitoloakarnania region. Throughout its operation but especially in recent years it has embarked on an effort to modernize and expand its facilities,by installing new technological equipment, organizing and staffing its production and administration, using modern standards and technologies to monitor and assure the quality of its manufactured products, so as to meet the demanding specifications of the modern consumer and the developed overseas markets. . Under excellent hygiene and the most up-to-date methods, certified by current quality assurance processes, it produces a complete range of olive-based products, which are mainly exported abroad at 95% of its turnover. Today the company exports its products to 23 different countries with key US sales points. , Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Finland, United Kingdom, France and Saudi Arabia. It processes and quantifies over 5,000 tonnes of table olives as well as about 300 tonnes of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The accumulated experience of the company, combined with the potential offered by the high nutritional and commercial value of olive and olive oil, are excellent oysters and rightly prescribe and guarantee the successful growth of the company in the world market over time.

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